BeHeart Counseling Services

Redefining Having. It. All.

How we redefine, HAVING. IT. ALL.


The Mission of BeHeart Counseling Services is, to help Black and Brown women redefine  HAVING. IT. ALL. 

We redefine HAVING. IT. ALL. by, creating spaces for Black and Brown women  to learn, unlearn, and relearn themselves, their stories, their experiences & decide what serves them.


The Vision of BeHeart Counseling Services is to teach Black and Brown women how to BREAK DOWN & UNPACK narratives that no longer serve them. We do this by helping them to rewrite their stories and redefine what HAVING. IT. ALL. looks like for them so they can FINALLY live their best life.


At BeHeart Counseling Services we value womanhood and all its parts. We value creating spaces to hold for ALL women to be seen, heard, valued, understood, respected, and, most importantly, to just be.

We value redefining


Redefining “Having. It. All.” gives you permission to create your own standard of living. 

Redefining “Having It All” gives you permission to create your own standard of living.