Individual Counseling

So you have decided to BET on you, & I am here for it!

Welcome, Sis! You no longer have to fight to be heard. At BeHeart Counseling, EXPECT to be heard. EXPECT to be supported. EXPECT to be respected. EXPECT honesty. EXPECT transparency.

Let's shift our focus

Individual Counseling is where you get to focus on you and all of your concerns. I’m here to lovingly challenge you and highlight the behavioral patterns that keep pushing you further away from the life you have been dreaming of for so long. The best part is that you have taken this first step and I’m here to walk alongside you.

Daughter. Sister. Fiance. Wife. Mother. Friend. Coworker. Boss.

You hold so many titles, but I want to help you redirect your attention back to redefine the most important title: