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How Did You Get Here?

You are here likely because you are juggling countless personal and professional responsibilities that require a lot of your energy. These obligations make prioritizing your mental wellness difficult—so you continue to press forward, day in, day out, oftentimes at the expense of yourself—until you can no longer keep trekking through another mentally exhausting day. You wonder what your life could be if only you had the chance to focus on you.

Why Leave It Up To Chance?

The most important investment you can make is in yourself, which includes your mental wellness. You are the expert of your own life and I want to help you leverage this by highlighting your strengths and teaching you the necessary skills to help you curate your desired life experience. Instead of leaving your future up to chance let’s work together on editing the parts of your story hindering you from living your best life.

Beverley Andre

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Currently servicing clients in the states of Florida, New York, & New Jersey


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