Initial Consulation


I am so happy that you are choosing to prioritize your mental wellness by starting therapy services with BeHeart Counseling Services. I am sure you have questions about what to expect, so we wanted to take some time to outline for you what to expect during our initial consultation.

Here is the process:

1. Schedule your initial consultation

Once you complete the initial consultation form, you will be able to schedule based on current availability. 

2. The initial consultation

During your initial consultation, we will have the opportunity to explore the things that are bringing you into treatment and how they are impacting you. We will identify how you would like to feel, respond, & show up for yourself. This allows me to assess & determine how working together can help you reach your goals, as you, redefine HAVING. IT. ALL.

***Please note the initial consultation is NOT therapy. No diagnosis or therapeutic interventions will be provided.***

What happens after the initial phone consultation?

1. We move forward together as client and therapist.

If it is determined by both parties that I am best suited to work with you as you endeavor to redefine HAVING. IT. ALL. we will set up a day and time to complete your initial clinical evaluation (therapy session where we take a deep dive into the issues discussed on your initial consult call).

2. I refer you to another mental health professional

Should it be determined by either party that I am not the best clinician to partner with you to meet your needs, don’t fret. It would be my honor to refer you to a colleague who can help get you to where you want, need, and deserve to be.

3. Why can't you treat everyone?

Just as physicians have many different specialties, mental health counselors specialize in many different diagnoses. Not every issue related to your mental or emotional wellness is created equal; thus, they need to be treated by a specialist to yield the best results. It is more important to me that you heal optimally, even if not with me.

Either way after our call you will have a CLEAR plan and direction on how to move forward towards your own healing as you redefine HAVING. IT. ALL. in the best way possible!